X was lost among friends. Feeling alienated he tried looking for answers. He didn’t know where to go, he was different you know. So he ran away to a far off town where things were different too. Strolling through brackets, he stole a glimpse at the radicals. Heroes some villains others but the balance was incredible. As odd as it seemed, X fit right in. Turns out they were looking for someone exactly like X. Someone who was lost and unusual and in search of an identity. X was over the moon as he slid from one form to another just like a skin changer. He could have multiple characters and yet feel accepted. This is where he belonged. That night they threw a π party in his honour. X had found himself among strangers.

This was my solution to: ‘The quotient on dividing the polynomial 6  by 7  is ____?’ Math always had a way of letting my creative Niagara falls flowing. It also made me realize why they want us to figure out what the value of ‘x’ is all the time. They are trying to draw parallels between ‘x’ and teenage students. ‘X’ doesn’t know its value and hence keeps trying on a variety of values just like a teenager deciding which shirt to wear after coming to the conclusion that ‘I have nothing to wear’ EVERYDAY. X wants to belong because X isn’t like others and that’s what all teenagers think about themselves. I am X too. I am different okay,  I have trouble fitting in with all the self-centred idiots because I’m just like them.

Why do we have to do homework anyway? It’s not like we get extra credit for it or anything. The teachers don’t even read a single word we’ve written. What’s the point? Wasting time? For some reason adults believe that we kids have no life outside of textbooks, homework, classes and exams. They think we go to school to study. Yeah right. I’m pretty sure that 10 years from now when I think of school. I won’t remember how precious X was or how mitochondria and power are related. What I will remember is recess, all the stupid fights I had with my friends and all the times I was the standing outside the classroom proudly punished.

All said and done its time to get back to Homework after 48 hours of pure procrastination.

World Sisters Convention :D

I’m blessed enough to have an elder brother who is all set to get married exactly one month from now. I love him and won’t trade him for anything in the world. But it wasn’t always so. As children we would wrestle and fight and pull each others hair till one of us yielded. I did most of the yielding then and in those moments I hated him more than anything in the world. I believe he must have shared my sentiment, I was just as annoying. Which reminds me of an event that I’d been a part of long ago. Ten years ago I’d attended The World Sisters Convention in India which was hosted by Candace and Dee Dee. It was a meet up space for all aggrieved and irritated sisters. We were there to discuss issues such as:

1: Who’s turn was it to open the door?

2. Who ate up all the ice cream even when they’d already had their share?

3. He shouldn’t have read my diary

4. Whom do parents love more?

5. How he gets to stay out all night and I don’t? etc.

Sisters from all over the world had come to share their experiences by way of thesis papers, debates, essays and interactive lectures. Various sister support groups and global NGO’s such as SAVE A SIS, IT WAS MY COOKIE were in attendance as well. It was such fun to be around sisters who understood what torments brothers were. It was insane how brothers acted in similar ways no matter which country they belonged to. All our brothers were experts at transferring their share of punishments on the sisters.

The Blame Game: a book written by Lisa Simpson was a best seller amongst us. Lisa’s book featured a ton of tips on how to outsmart our brothers at every step. Lisa knows her trade as all her tips work wonders. I went to get my copy signed by her and was she was so delighted to hear about how my brother acted just like Bart.

Candace was found busy scribbling notes of suggestions from all sisters who had been successful at busting their brothers’ shenanigans. It seemed as is her pencil was on fire and she wrote endlessly on her notebook. Dee Dee had a T-shirt stall with cool colours and prints. The text on it read:  “Down with Brothers :P”; “Ooh what does this button do?”; “I hate you like I love you” and “You’re So Busted”.

I had a blast there and couldn’t wait till I got home and told my brother all about it. Armed with new knowledge I was confident about busting him next time he pulled a trick on me. WP_20160328_003

It’s Not That Big Of A Deal

Have you ever embarrassed yourself?  If you have, that’s fine. If you haven’t, how did you manage not to? Surely, you must have at some point embarrassed yourself. Just say yes already! >.<

Anyway, I remember the last time I embarrassed myself, I curled on the floor and bawled like a baby. For 3 days I didn’t step out of my house. A sort of house arrest I set upon myself so that I could rethink and over think and rethink and over think my embarrassment as many times as I could. And mind you those 3 days weren’t enough. When I’d be smiling of or laughing with my friends, that stupid embarrassing memory would creep its way into my happiness and shred it to pieces. I killed myself over this moment which didn’t really matter that much to begin with.

Its crazy when I think of it now because it was so unnecessary. I wasted all that time and for what? If you would have seen my crying you would have thought that I’d suffered some great loss akin to the death of a loved one. I acted as if the world had come to an end with the sky falling apart and the earth drenched in a rain of fire. If I could go back in past and hit myself bloody, trust me I would. All that drama for naught. All my energy wasted for naught. All my tears, my emotions, my motivations wasted for naught.

Next time I embarrass myself I’m going to chant, “It doesn’t matter” until I start believing it. I will force myself to smile and trick my mind away from the sadness that is eager to follow. I will definitely not forget the incident but learn from my mistakes and move forward instead of dwelling on the past which is gone. I can’t go back in time and save myself the embarrassment any more than I can go back in time and counsel my teenage self to just relax and take it easy instead of acting insecure and rash. What I can do is move forward with this new lesson and not repeat my follies.

Your past does not equal your future and that is the best thing about life. Because it’s not that big of deal as our brain tends to make it.

Relax. Think about it.

Dressing Up As Peter Pan

I always wanted to take part in a fancy dress competition but my mom never let me for reasons that remain unknown. I would gawk at kids with awe as they said their lines standing on the stage and in my eyes they kind of sparkled every time they moved. I distinctly remember this one kid that had come dressed as a sunflower, he looked so cute with that teletubby body and the yellow petals bordering his face. He kept bobbing his head from side to side and singing some song I don’t remember. I always keep complaining how my mom never sent to compete in Fancy Dress Competitions, so I decided to dress up myself and put on a show or the mirror in my room.

Summer holdiay sweat beads ran rapidly on my forehead as I sat debating with myself about who I should dress up as. I wanted to dress up as Mickey Mouse but also as Oswald the blue octopus. I wanted to dress up as Wendy from Bob the builder but also as Spinelly from Recess. TV came to my rescue as Disney was playing the movie Peter Pan, “Ha! That should be easy, I could be Peter Pan today. His costume is easy too”

I ran to my mom’s cupboard to find a green top as my tops weren’t as lengthy as Peter’s. Dad’s cupboard fetched me a brown belt, I had yellow tights and yellow is pretty close to green so that made up for three items in the costume. I ransacked my brother’s room until I found a cap, it wasn’t green but I could make it work. Last thing I needed was a feather and that wasn’t difficult to get. My arch nemesis Mrs Pigeon keeps plundering my plants and while she’s at it she sheds some of her feathers which I keep collecting just because. I painted that feather red and taped it to my brothers black cap and my costume was ready.

I tried flying as I kept jumping off the couch multiple times until I fooled myself into believing that I flied for 0.5 seconds at least and that I will get better with enough practice. I don’t remember when I fell asleep but I dreamt of flying alongside Peter and pranking the Mermaids with Tink’s help. My brother’s monstrous laugh woke me up. He asked me what I was doing dressed up like that.

“I’m Peter Pan”

“You look nothing like Peter Pan”

“I do too”

“No you don’t. You look more like the Peanut Man who sells peanuts outside out school for sure” He laughed at his own joke and no matter what I said he wouldn’t stop laughing.


Love Yourself Like It’s Nobody’s Business

Love yourself like it’s nobody’s business because you deserve that. Love yourself like it’s nobody’s business also because only you can do that. You know yourself best, the way that no one else can know you. You know what makes you happy, you know makes you sad. You know all the times you stumbled and fell flat on your face and the times you got back up. Each time you got back up you were different and better.

I remember when long holidays meant staying in my room all day long. I was terrified, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was difficult to have fun, to love my company. I wasn’t a big fan of myself back then. It took me years to fall in love and enjoy my own company. I know some of my friends who can’t even think to spend some lone time. I get bored they say. But if you get bored by yourself, doesn’t that make you the boring one?

It won’t be easy and it will take time but it will be worth it. You will become independent in every sense of the term. I am not asking you to unfriend everyone on facebook and run off to the mountains but I am asking you to become your own best friend. Loving yourself is a powerful feeling. You will be able to control your happiness, because you are your own happiness. You won’t be dependent on others to entertain you, to make you laugh, to do things for you because you will be enough.

You won’t grill your brain over what others think of you. You will make your own map, steer your ship whichever way you want because you are in control and nothing beats that. Love yourself like it’s nobody’s business because you’ll always be there for yourself and that will be enough!

Think about it.

Magic Show With Mickey Mouse

I had auditioned for this a couple of times and finally got the part. The part to play assistant to Magician Mickey Mouse in his first ever show.  I was excited as this was going to be my first show as well. I woke up early and went to meet Mickey in his wagon for our first ever rehearsal. Mickey greeted me with a tip of his hat and then handed me a piece of parchment which contained a list of my To-do’s. The first thing on the list was to find a black piece of cloth. I felt as if I was on a treasure hunt. This wagon belonged to a veteran sorceress who had handed it over to Mickey. Mickey had apprenticed with her ever since he was a little mouse. Off  I went in search for a piece of black cloth and found a dead black crow instead. It was a prop crow so that was okay. I rummaged the prop shelf and found colorful handkerchiefs, none of them black though. Finally I found a black cloth but with difficulty. On top of the cloth was perched a little cute kitty cat which turned out to be not so cute after all. I entered in a tug of war competition with the cat and almost lost it when Mickey came in with a bowl of milk and the cloth was mine.

All prepped we went on to the stage. We could hear the audience cheering for Mickeyni à la Houdini. We’d decided to open with the classic ‘bunny in the hat trick’. Things went smooth, the bunny came out of the hat and everything but what followed made our show less magical and more.. er… comical. The black cloth flew and bunny jumped from Mickey’s hands after the black cloth, it then hopped right towards the audience’s seats. Mickey ran after it, waving his magic wand and shooting spells. The spells did nothing for they were trick spells leaving the audience in splits. The chairs came to life and obstructed Mickey from reaching the bunny and the chairs roared with laughter too. Mickey was all red and angry by now. I flashed a shiny carrot and the bunny ran straight to me and the curtains came down.

All in all it was a great show 😀


Control What You Can

Can you control the day and night?

Can you control the movement of the stars?

Can you control the mind of a animal?

Can you teleport?

Can you spin your head 360 degrees like an owl?

NO? You can’t do any of that.

How about these?

Can you control your anger?

Can you smile?

Can you give your 100% effort while doing something you love?

Can you take responsibility for your actions?

Can you say YES when you want to and NO when you want to?

YES? Yes you can do all of those things.

Then shouldn’t you be focusing on the things that you can control? rather than cribbing about things that are not in your control.

Once upon a time in a sea far far away, lived a little puffer fish named Cecil. One day Cecil’s Professor Meena, asked Cecil to conduct a research on the effectiveness of the education system run by the clown fishes. Cecil was given 3 months to conduct this research. During the 3 months, Cecil was required to constantly report to his Professor and seek counsel accordingly. In the initial weeks Cecil consulted his Professor Meena and things were going quite well. Gradually Cecil gained confidence and thought he knew what he was doing and hence he stopped reporting to his Professor. Prof. Meena reminded Cecil again and again to meet her and discuss the research findings. But Cecil paid no attention to her. At the end of the 3rd month Cecil handed his research paper in for marking. When the results came out, Cecil scored poorly. He had received 60/100. Cecil’s other friends had all scored above 70. This made Cecil very angry. He blew up and was in a sour mood all day long. He snapped at his friends and started bad mouthing Professor Meena.

Cecil’s friend Macey made him understand. Macey said, ” Cecil, you have been quick to point out Prof. Meena’s faults, but what about your own mistakes?”

“My mistakes? What did I do wrong? Meena Ma’am is partial, she doesn’t like me”

“Yes your mistakes. I don’t know about her being partial. But she did remind you to come meet her and you blatantly ignored her. Did you not?”

Cecil blew up again.

“You cannot control how she scores you. But you could have controlled your over confidence. You could have met her. Keep her reported, run her through your research questions. Perhaps then she wouldn’t have marked  you so poorly. You could have changed the outcome just by talking to her”

Cecil calmed down a little. Macey was making sense. Cecil hated when Macey made sense.

“Now what is done is done. Next time, do everything that is possible to improve your outcomes. You do your best. The result is not in your hands. But the effort is. Control what you can. Give your 100%. That’s all you can do. That’s what you should do.”

“You are right Macey. I should have talked to her.”

Learn form Cecil’s mistakes.

Think about it.

Colouring Clouds With Tinker Bell

Today is my kinda day. Today is a cloudy day! Not the gloomy dull types but one with the sun and rays and everything. I’ve been waiting for such a day since winter came along. Funny, I always get cool ideas during winter. I grabbed all the colour vials from my cupboard, put them in a satchel and flew away in search of Tinker Bell.

Flashback a bit: I am Vibrienna, a colour fairy. Colour fairies are a rare kind, maybe because one colour fairy alone has a ton of power. She can light up the place in a snap! Well anyway, we also enjoy a lot of credit and attention. Rarity has its perks. One winter evening, I was chilling in my room by the window peering at the sunset. Taking the moment in, feeling proud of the colour gradient in the sky. I really missed the clouds. And then I had the most brilliant idea I’ve had in days. Colourful Clouds! Come summer, and my idea will turn into reality.

Summer came and so did the clouds, but the thing about clouds is that they are numerous and scattered and moving all the time. Clouds are sneaky unlike the sky and that meant I needed help. I needed a device that would help me shoot colours on the clouds. One hit is all that it takes. So I decided to ask Tinker to make me a device that will shoot colours. I headed straight to her leafy house.


“What are you doing here? Wait a minute, why do you have a satchel?”

“May I come in?”

“What’s in the satchel?”

“I will show you, let me let me in. I won’t be like last time. I am not trying to turn the rabbits purple…”

“I think you should go”

“Oh come on Tink, don’t be so rude”

“I will be all the rude I want to, you need to leave.  NOW!”

“Please Tink, hear me out at least. Pretty please?”

“Nooo o o”

“Please I said please, how about this? Next time I will let you pick the colours of the sunset. Even throw in a little rainbow…”

That did it. I told her all about my plan and what I wanted her to do and we began tinkering. After hours and hours of trimming branches, constructing hollows and tying strings, we were done. Our Cloud shooter was ready.

I took out all my colour vials, wondering which combination to use. Tink emptied pink in to the cloud shooter and then she added green. “What are you doing Tink? That’s not the way”

“But you said I could pick the colours”

“Not now, I said you could pick the colours for the sunset sky”

“But I made this device and I will choose my colours”

“No you won’t. It was my idea. My idea, my colours”

A tug of war with colour vials ensued and in the chaos, we accidentally emptied all the vials and the cloud shooter started acting by itself. Shooting colours everywhere, the cloud shooter was out of control. The clouds unable to take so much colour at one go started zooming and clashing on to each other. It rained rainbows. Queen Clarion showed up and said “Not you two again”

Tink went red faced and I flew calling out to all the colour fairies.



Happiness is a choice

Everyone loves being happy. But you can’t always be happy right? Life is a roller-coaster that goes up and down and sadness sneaks its way in just like happiness. Right? Wrong. You can be happy whenever you want to.

One day Cheta the rabbit was assigned a lot of work. Cheta had to collect 100 carrots in 1 day for the forest festival due tomorrow. Cheta started complaining about how she should have been informed earlier. How its unfair that she has to do it all alone. That all that the other rabbits do is sit in one place and warm their tails. While collecting she kept looking at the watch wondering how slowly the needles were moving. Cheta stumbled on a pebble, stubbed her paw and the pain just made her mood all the worse. She got so annoyed that she decided to skip the forest festival and stay at home.

Consider a different scenario

One day Cheta the rabbit was assigned a lot of work. Cheta had to collect 100 carrots in 1 day for the forest festival due tomorrow. Cheta started her work enthusiastically. Its impossible to collect 100 carrots in 1 day that too all by herself. True! Cheta approached her colleagues to help her reach her goal. They all hopped right in and soon 100 carrots were ready to go for tomorrow. Cheta looked at her watch and wondered how fast time flies! She took her colleagues to nice little cafe and treated them with the world famous Asparagus latte and thanked them for their help. She enjoyed with them all in the Forest Festival, the 100 carrots used in the decoration made her feel really proud. Her colleagues were now her friends.

Yes Cheta the rabbit is fictional but she can be found in all of us. We all go through this stupid complaining sessions where we throw ourselves a pity party. Whining, cribbing, felling sorry and being completely unproductive. Pity parties are cute but what we want is a rocking fun party where we enjoy every bit of it. Its up to us to transform our pity party to a fun bash. All we have to do is choose to be happy. That’s it.

Do you want to cry about stupid problems or do you want to solve the problem head on and take it as a challenge? Turn your situation around or I will send The Joker to you. He will definitely put a smile on your face.

Think about it!